Sunday, 12 June 2011

Gurmat Ramza

Ramz means a mystical thought. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee wrote 30 Gurmat Ramza (plural of Ramz). I am going to attempt to translate them under this thread:

**************Beginning of Translation***************

1) Aatmik Rass and Mental Rass (Mystical or Spiritual pleasure Vs Mental pleasure)

Only after tasting Aatmik Rass, Vismaad (wonderous) rass can be tasted. In Atmik Rass alone, Vismaad Rass can be tasted or known right inside this body. Below this Aatmik Rass are the Mental Rass that can be tasted through the mann but these mental rass are all frivolous because they don’t have any trace of Vismaad rass in them.

2) Spiritual life is not a subject of mental intelligence:

Often people try to measure and explain the Aatmik jeevan (Gurmat Spiritual life) through intelligence but in order to understand the deep and profound spiritual secrets how can intellectualism suffice. All these attempts to understand spiritualism through intellectualism are just futile. Even the topmost philosophers and scholars of philosophy and intellectualism cannot fathom the truth of Gurmat spirituality and divinity. It is not appropriate to try to understand Gurmat spiritualism through worldly intelligence and using measures of intellectualism.

3) Worldly Morality / Ethics and Divine or True Wisdom

Worldly goodness, ethics and morality have a worldly status or level. Many friends unwittingly consider worldly wisdom as true wisdom but they don’t know that real wisdom or the true wisdom is realized only in “Sehaj Avastha” and this true wisdom is unique from the reasoning of philosophers. Sehaj Avastha has been explained in the following Pankiti:


4) Naam Simran and Earning Sach

Naam simran and earning Sach are not two different things but same. Actually, Naam simran is earning Sach (sach laaha) as this Gurvaak says:


Which means that through Naam Simran alone Parkash (enlightenment) happens; therefore doing Naam simran is earning Sach.

5) Elimination of Haume

As per Gurmat, Haume is destroyed only through Naam. In support of this principle there are many Gurvaaks. The medicine that can destroy Haume is only Naam. Only through Naam Haume is destroyed and through Naam only Liv (smadhi) occurs.

***************End of Translation*************

The above is a meager attempt to translate some of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee’s writings. It is impossible to translate Bhai Sahib’s writings in English and I don’t claim the above to be an accurate translation. Please refer to the original text in case of a doubt.

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