Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Baba Sri Chand & Guru Ram Das

Once the elder son of Guru Nanak Sahib Jee went to Amritsar to visit Guru Raam Daas Sahib Jee, the fourth heir to the throne of Guru Nanak Sahib Jee. 

Baba Sri Chand Jee tried to belittle and laugh at the Guru. He said, "O Raam Daas! Why is your beard so long?" The Guru replied "I have a long beard to wipe the feet of holy men like you." The Guru Sahib's humility hit Baba Sri Chand Jee who fell at the feet of Guru Sahib and he said; "Now I know why I didn't become chosen to be Guru and instead you are sitting on my father's throne." 


  1. his name is "Guru Nanak Dev" jee

    The Story goes like this "when Baba Sri Chand heard of the city of guru ramdas pur, and Guru Ram das ji's humility and compassion. He set out to meet the guru himself. Hearing this news, Guru Ram Das started his journey towards Baba Shri Chand ji, then they met. Baba Shri Chand asked "why do you have such a long beard" then the Guru replied "to wipe the feet of a saint like you". Hearing this baba shri chand witnessed the humility of the Guru. then he understood how Guru Panthis are different, he found his own father's light in Guru Ramdass.

    then when Baba Shri Chand helped in the release of the 6th Guru "bandi chhod diwas", then Guru Hargobind asked baba shri chand to take his son Baba Gurditta with him to teach him his ways.

    then when Baba Shri Chand ji passed away at the age of around 150, Baba Gurditta then became his successor.

    Please tell the stories the way they are, do not twist words to suit your personal opinions.

    As your personal opinions can not change what happened in the history.

    Sat Sri Akal

  2. Baba Shri Chand did not fell in the feet of the Guru.

    what happened was, Guru Ramdas ji bent down to wipe the feet of baba shri chand, seeing this baba shri chand pulled his feet back and lift the Guru Up.

    do not play with words to suit your opinions. as they wont change what happened in the past.

    sat sri akal