Monday, 31 October 2011

Tender Hearted Said Beg

Said Beg had been dispatched by Aurangzeb to arrest Guru Gobind Singh ji and he had promised that "HIND WALA PIR MAIN BANN KE LIYAWAA GAA"

In the battlefield Said Beg who was a great warrior himself waited eagerly to fight with Guru jee. Sache Patshah came and challenged Said Beg to fight. As soon as Said Beg saw Guru Gobind Singh ji he was bewitched and could not raise his bow and arrow to shoot at Guruji. He could not look at the Noorani face of Guru Sahib and instead of fighting walked over to Guru Sahib and asked for blessings and from that day he started living in Siri Anandpur Sahib.

Said Beg and Alif Khan were two generals in the army of Aurangzeb. They were going, with their armies, from Delhi to Lahore. Their informer came and told them, "Guru Gobind Singh is on his way from Kurukshetra to Anandpur. He has, with him, only a squad of hundred Singhs at this time. This is a good opportunity to capture him. We Should take full advantage of this."

The generals had five thousand men each. They also felt that the Guru could be captured alive. Without thinking and deliberating further, they began to pursue the Guru. They were confident that they had ten thousand fully trained soldiers. One hundred Singhs who had just taken up arms and started riding horses were no match for them.

Singhs at Anandpur came to know that an army of Aurangzeb was pursuing the Guru. They hurriedly managed a squad of further four hundred Singhs who joined the Guru on the way. The royal army attacked the Singhs near Chamkaur. The generals were wonder struck on seeing the valour and the method of warfare of the Singhs, who had repulsed their forces.

The generals had heard about the valour of the Singhs but that day they witnessed everything with their own eyes, how five hundred Singhs were holding an army of ten thousand at bay. Singhs were fighting with such skill and bravery that Said Beg could not stop himself from watching them.

He forgot that he himself was in the battlefield to fight. His heart melted. He could not bear the cruelty being meted out to the Singhs. He entrusted the command of his army to Alif Khan and himself joined the Guru. Alif Khan was wounded while fighting. Without a commander, the soldiers thought it better to run and save their lives. The Singhs won the battle. Said Beg came to Anandpur and started living with the Guru.

At Anandpur the people were taught, "We are all children of the same Father who is the One Supreme Being." The rich and the poor were treated with the same respect. No one thought of encroaching on other's rights: Hindus and Muslims were treated alike and respectfully. It can be said that in those days Anandpur was a heaven on earth. By coming in the presence of Guru Gobind Singh even the hearts of stone become tender and pure in mind. Said Beg also started participating in battles against tyranny. He attained martyrdom while fighting against the royal army in the fourth battle of Anandpur.

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