Friday, 18 May 2012

Shaheed Bhai Ajegurpreetpal Singh

Bhai Sahib was the right Hand man Of Shaheed Bhai Satnam Singh Sheena. On The day of 24 august 1993 police cats gave his all information to the Indian security forces .Then Jalandhar Police under command of DSP Gurdev Singh had joint operation with Punjab Police Patiala & BSF reached at his hiding place near Bassi Pathana Distt Patiala Now in ( fatehghar Sahib) . All of his weapons were stolen by the police cats before .He only had a Pistol And 6 Rounds .On that farm house he was alone and old woman who was mother of the owner of that farm house was there she her family was also with police to make money . while police and commandos were take their positions he was doing nitnem in his bunker type room .Then That Old woman called him and she asked him to set the TV antenna on top floor of the house when he went their to set the antenna he saw police around. They Police opened the Fire on him he got shot in the right side of his chest he run back to his bunker to took his arms to fight with them when he saw there was no any weapon left he realized that everyone is sold to the police. He took his pistol and take his position in his bunker when the police entered in house he opened the fire of his pistol .He only have six rounds .He did not want to waste a single bullet where it was very valuable. With his fire two of the police man were killed and one was one was injured. Now he had no any other bullet left . and he was seriously injured because he got bullet on his chest before. After Some time when no any fire came from his side police start firing heavily they understand that he was injured or he had no other bullets / ammos . They Captured him .But there is mystery of His Shaheedi someone said that he was Shaheed in this encounter But others says that he was captured and then tutored by police then got Shaheedi on next day . He had a very high jeevan he follows the maryiada of Bibeek that's way he was known as Bibeeki Singh also.He was A good athlete also while he was studying in Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana He got Gold medal in 3000 meter running. He was good player of hockey also. 

"Shaheedo Ki Chiitanoo Pee lageegy Mele Vatan Parr Marrane Walo ka Yehi Ik Nishan Hoga"
Ohna Shaheedan Dian Yaddan Hi Reh Jandia JIhna Nu Yadd Kare Ajj Assi Maan Mehsoos Karrde Ha

*Shaheedan Di Shaheedi Nu Kot Kot Parnam*
By Ravinder Singh

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