Monday, 21 January 2013

Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the Guards

Once there were 4 Sikh Guards outside Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee Maharaaj's tent. They heard of a dancer who had come to a near by town and they wanted to go watch her dance. But, how to ask the Guru's permission? As it was the last night of her performance, so the guards decided between themselves that at least two of them could go and watch the dancer while other two can stand Guard at Guru's tent.

So after sunset, in the darkness of night two Guards left to see the dancer's dance. They reached there and all thru the dance they were worried what if Guru will come to know of what they did. They regretted very much coming to watch the dance and said to each other that they should have been with their Guru instead.

On the other side, the two that remained behind standing guard for the Guru, were repenting that they should have gone instead of staying here and let the other two stand guard for the Guru…

Next morning, in the Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee Maharaaj's darbar, Guru jee said

"Hazar Gher Hazar, Gher Hazar Hazar"

Then Guru ji asked for the two who went to see the dance. They were so ashamed of what they did. But as the Guru knows all, he also knew that the two guard who went to see the dance were at all time thinking about him (the Guru) and the guards who were at guard, were at all time thinking about the dance… So Guru said to them… the ones who were present were not present mentally here, but those who were not here physically, had all times their mind in Guru, even if they were at the dance, but they did not enjoy as they were at all time thinking about me (the Guru).

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