Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Khudawand Karim: Bestower Of Bounties

A mother was so heart-broken on losing her son, that she stayed by his grave and refused to leave. She cried bitterly the whole night. 
By morning her cries had turn to rage. "Why have You done this to me? You are no loving and caring Lord, I don't need One like You! How dare You take the life of my dear, darling son?" 
Ignoring the entreaties of her family, she carried on venting and raging. The second night, her poor husband went to the village Qazi for help. He promised to intervene in the morning. 
The next morning, the Qazi approached the mother lying by her son's grave. He had a very noticeable limp, and seemed to be nursing his body. He joined the lady in her wailing. 
She stopped abruptly and asked him what his problem was. 
"Oh mother! The Lord visited me last night. Without a word, what hard kicks gave He this old man. What have I done wrong, O Khudawand Karim? I asked." 

"A woman from your village has kept me awake all night, with insults" said He. 
Four sons had He given her over the years and only taken back one. Not only was she getting no more, but He has half a mind to take back the remaining three!" 
"O Qazi, ask Him to forgive me" sobbed she. "How blind have I been!" Hugging her family, she went home, still entreating the Qazi. 


dhas basathoo lae paashhai paavai 
He obtains ten things, and puts them behind him; 

eaek basath kaaran bikhott gavaavai 
for the sake of one thing withheld, he forfeits his faith. 

eaek bhee n dhaee dhas bhee hir laee 
But what if that one thing were not given, and the ten were taken away? 

tho moorraa kahu kehaa karaee 
Then, what could the fool say or do? 
- Sukhmani Sahib

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