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Se Kinehiya: Baba Harnam Singh & Sant Kartar Singh

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Chapter 59

Every year Sant Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale used to come to Nangal Salala (Hoshiarpur) to perform katha and kirtan. Sant Kartar Singh Ji had heard about Baba Ji and how this great Saint (Sant Baba Harnam Singh Ji) was leading an extraordinary life as ordained by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He had heard that Baba Ji was baptising devotees to become true Singhs of the Guru and inspiring them to be at one with the almighty. Sant Kartar Singh Ji had also heard how self effacing and humble Baba Ji was and that he did not stand for an iota of personal worship or gratification. So, for sometime now Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji had wanted to meet this great personality, time permitting.

Baba Ji too held Sant Kartar Singh Ji in high esteem because he knew that Sant Kartar Singh preached gurmat and Sikhism to the masses with great vigour. So, when Baba Ji heard that Sant Kartar Singh Khalsa Ji was in the vicinity Baba Ji dispatched five singhs to invite him to perform kirtan and katha at gurdwara Rampur Khera during the Smagam. When the letter of invitation reached Khalsa Ji at the hands of the five singhs he touched the letter to his forehead as a sign of respect and said, "We already had it in our mind to see Rampur Khera and have an audience with Sant Baba Ji." So, Khalsa Ji sent a message back that they would come to gurdwara Rampur Khera that very afternoon, stay the night and do katha and kirtan the next day. The Singhs returned happily with the news and informed Baba Ji of Khalsa Ji's arrival. Baba Ji arranged board and lodging for Khalsa Ji and his jatha with great affection. At about 8.00 pm, Khalsa Ji arrived with his jatha at gurdwara Rampur Khera. After langar, Baba Ji and Khalsa Ji exchanged their mutual thoughts on gurmat. It seemed that these two personalities had known one another from time immemorial. Saint Tulsidas says that we can have common hopes, faith, ways of praying, eating or dressing but the greatest association is that of thoughts. In the case of Baba Ji and Khalsa Ji, everything was common. Bhai Gurdas Ji too applauds gursikhs who attune themselves and share gurmat thoughts.

The meeting was so sublime that Khalsa Ji expressed his inner thoughts, "I have come across many Saints who encourage self worship and
gratification. Instead of joining the sangat to the Guru's feet, they attach the devotees to their own personality. But today I am happy that I have
met a true Saint who enjoins the sangat to the true Guru. Now I am hopeful that even in kalyug the seed of Sikhism has not perished. We
are thankful to almighty and consider ourselves lucky to have been blessed with the vision of such a great Saint."

It was late that night, everyone exchanged Gur-Fateh and retired. The next day everyone bathed, recited nitnem and practised naam meditation in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The jatha did kirtan of Asaa di Vaar and Khalsa Ji explained the meaning of the holy order of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to the congregation. Baba Ji and the sangat enjoyed the katha immensely. In the end Baba Ji addressed the sangat, "We rarely go to diwans to listen to katha because most people who give discourses mould their message according to their surroundings.
Never before have we come across such katha that is given according to the thoughts of Gurbani. This disappointment turned to joy when I
listened to Khalsa Ji's discourse on Gurbani. The great Guru has blessed us this meeting with Khalsa Ji and I pray to the Almighty Lord that we
meet always until our last breath." Baba Ji thanked Khalsa Ji and his jatha and honoured them by giving them siropaas. It was a beautiful and
inspiring moment to observe. After receiving the Siropaa, Khalsa Ji addressed the sangat. "We find no difference between gurdwara Rampur
Khera or gurdwara Gur Darshan Parkash Mehta. Only the names are different. The unseen threads of love unite them. We pray in the feet of
the almighty that this love and cooperation lasts forever.

After thanking the congregation Khalsa Ji asked leave to depart and said, "All devotees should remain seated in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. No one should follow us out of the congregation to see us off no matter how great that personality may be." All devotees exchanged the Guru's Fateh. Khalsa Ji set off for village Nangal Salala. At noon Baba Ji said that he missed Khalsa Ji and so he decided to go and hear Khalsa Ji's katha that very evening. Baba Ji arrived with a jatha at village Nangal Salala. Khalsa Ji was overjoyed to see Baba Ji. Baba Ji listened to katha and kirtan in the morning and the evening. During any free time Baba Ji exchanged gurmat views with Khalsa Ji. After this meeting, Khalsa Ji would come every year to gurdwara Rampur Khera to attend Naam Abhyas Kammai Smagam.

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