Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Daily Amrit Sanchaar

After we receive amrit from punj pyaaray and are given naam, the amrit sinchaar doesn't stop there. Every single day a Gursikh should have amrit sinchaar within.

We see the punj pyaaray preparing amrit in a sarbloh bata that has pure water and sweet patasaas, with sarbloh khanda. This symbolism is very deep. In our jeevan, our rehit is the sarbloh bata. Our consciousness is the water that is made dirty by the five vikaars. Pataasas are gurbani we recite daily and the sarbloh khanda is naam.

If our rehit is weak then the entire vessel will not be suitable to carry out the amrit sinchaar. It will not be able to handle it. Amrit cannot be prepared in a rusty bata or a bata with holes in it. Similarlly if we've made mistakes in rehit then it's like rust. If we've done a kurehit then there is a hole and we must go back to the punj pyaaray to fill it.

If our mind is polluted with 5 vikaars, our consciousness will not be clean enough for the amrit sinchaar to take place. Every day we must try our best to keep our minds filled with pure and loving thoughts, not hatred and anger and other vikaars.

The minimum pataasas (gurbani) to put in our water (consciousness) is nitnem. Anything less will not be enough. But the effect will be much greater if we put extra patasaas. This is why I have found Gursikhs who read a lot of Gurbani will be much sweeter and their buddhi will be much higher.

Finally, the most important part is to have the Sarbloh Khanda of naam. If we jap naam at amrit vela, everything falls together. The naam khanda makes the gurbani dissolve into our consciousness and the power of naam creates amrit within us. The more we move this naam khanda, the more amrit is created and the more the power of naam takes over in us.

This is the daily amrit sinchaar that all Gursikhs must do.


  1. Wah ji Wah bahut vadia ji

  2. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
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