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Sarbloh by Bhai Randhir Singh

Taken from Gurmat Bibek written by Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Jee

Every working process that occurs during the Amrit Sinchaar is a lesson to the one that is taking Amrit, leaving a profound reflected effect inside him. The Amrit worthy individual at the time is permanently and identically engraved from the mirror design inside. If this effect has not occurred inside then the unfortunate Amrit worthy has some disparity. Thus those hukam and events that are imparted at the time for the Amritdharee are forever connected with his actions.

The way the person is prepared in a Shastar (Armour) ordained clothing appearance to stand Sanmukh in front of Guru Sahib becomes the way from inception. This prepared appearance in Khalsa Shastar Bastar will be the way he has to live. The Gurmukee dress (Bana) and the Khalsa Rehat appearance will not have to be given up. The five kakar in the same manner will need to be kept and should not even for a second be taken away from the body. The Panj Amrit Bania of Amrit dictate is also given that needs to be carried out lovingly daily here. The loving devotional method of Gur Mantar Gurmat Abyaas is also too be found here. Namely the way in which Naam abyaas is imparted at the Amrit Sinchaar Smagaam is to be continued in Swaas Swaas (With each breath) from now on. As in the way of Naam Abyaas the initial step becomes the walk so in the same effect the Daily Ishnaan cleansing Bibek action is also initiated here.Thereby the manner in which Head Hair Ishnaan is done before Amrit by the Amrit Abikakhee for alertness is the same manner in which he has to carry out daily at Amritvela.

In Amrit love he will daily swim in the Amrit Pool by the conduct of doing Head Hair Ishnaan in alertness for Naam recitation. In Sree Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj the visible Guru body form at this time (at the Amrit Smagaam) is seen, revealed and imparted as the Manifest Guru. The teaching of the unique Gurmukhee method of bowing before Sree Guru Sahib Jee is imparted at this time. The regard for the relationship between Gursikhs as being more closer than that of real brothers is given here. The teaching of accepting and understanding Sree Gur Dasmesh Jee as the Father form is given here and is transmitted inside. The teaching to treat Mata Sahib Kaur Jee as the true mother is also given here.

The Virtuous Mata Sree Sahib Kaur and Virtuous Father Sree Dasmesh Jee’s Virtuous Principled Khalsa Warrior Fearless Sant Khalsa Jee only to observe give-take, eating-drinking sharing action and Roti-Beti Dee Sanjh amongst the Khalsa instruction is also given here. Furthermore as high as Sarb loh Bibek’s Warrior acclaimed Rehat adoption instruction from this Taksal is given here taken to reside from the inside by the Amrit taker. Understand that the teaching to now on befriend Sarb lohia is delivered here.

The Amrit is prepared by using a Sarb lohi Bata with a Sarb Loh Khanda . Panchanmrit (Maha Prashad) is also prepared using Sarb Lohi utensils and a Sarb Lohi Kripan is used for bhet to Guru Akaal Saroop Kharag for Bhog to be done and then with the protection of Sarb Loh, Amrit Warrior Power Prashad is placed in Sarb Lohi Batey to be distributed and within the Amrit Sarb Lohi Batey they are delivered to the new Amritdhari. This whole working of Sarb Loh is the design model made specifically special with in this pure ideal time. From the time of inception Sree Dasmesh Jee Sahib created this, Sree Dasmesh Jee in his presence specifically and with courted powers made this distinctive model.

At the time at Sree Kesgarh Sahib when the Khalsa Panth was created this was the actual model which has been passed on (Seena Baseena) within the Panth in convention over time. Supportive Father Sree Dasmesh Jee started the practice of Sarb Loh to implant the Warrior spirit inside the khalsa with each breath ( Swaas Swaas). With the form of Sarb Loh the Khanda making Amrit Power “Nanak Naam Chardee Kala” forever awakens the Jot inside the Khalsa. Right at the time of birth through the Khanda the Gurhthee of Amrit was given, right at the birth awakening time the Warrior Sarb Loh Power was penetrated to each and every hair inside the Khalsa. Accepting this was the permanent and forever hukam given on our chest for the Khalsa to always be Sarb Lohi, whoever keeps this hukam, whoever labours through the struggle of Sarb Loh will forever live in Jeevan Mukat Chardee Kala. Warrior Spirit will be surging through his nerves and veins at every moment. He will in high joy play each each moment within his fearlessness Naam coloured soul.

These words are completely true, are manifest, there is not the slightest doubt in this. However only those that know and recognise these facts are the ones that have evidently witnessed this inside their Jeevans and they have become manifest to them.

How astonishing, unbelievable and unbefitting is the tolerated narrative that when the Gurhthee of Amrit is given in Sarb Loh, the Amrit food Gafey is given in Sarb Loh and the Karad Bhet blessing worthy Prashad is made into Amrit food, where the instruction of Amrit taking is given. Understanding that each and every taken-served blessed worthy food by Karad Bhet in Sarb Loh is accepted by being imparted, shown and explained as Amrit food. Then thereafter outside the Amrit sphere when just leaving its Brass metal! Is this not just a despite worthy act, its like going through the deed motion during this period when you keep on your Kachera then take it off and place on a loincloth (Tothi- Lungoti). In the same way for someone who has taken Amrit to take of his Kachera and replace it with a loincloth-tothi brings disgrace to the Gur Sikhi’s Khalsa Rehat. So by being an AmritDhari and becoming a Complete Total Sarb lohi Singh Khalsa Dauntless Warrior to take on Other Metal-Brass outside (the Amrit Sinchaar) is the root unlearned practice bringing disgrace to the Khalsa Warrior spirit.

With great regret we have to say that most of our Amrit Pracharak Jathas have not realised the principal value of Sarb Loh otherwise like the Panj Kakar, Sarb loh would also be imparted emphatically. However the non explicit instruction of Sarb Loh Rehat by these Amrit Pracharkan does not mean that Sarb Loh is not a Gurmat principle. There are many Jathas like these who at the time of Amrit Parchar do not impart Naam Gurmantar. They only give the walk of Mool Mantar. Can we from this conclude that the suggestion is that Naam Gurmantar is not a Gurmat Principle? Naam is the essence of Gurmat, without this essential flowing fundamental all other Gurmat principles are defective and incomplete.....................

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