Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Gurmat Gems on Slander & Hatred

By G. Udham Singh in Gurmat Sidhant Saagar 

• Slander reduces the individual's own respect and kills feelings of brotherhood.

• Unjustly slandering someone is such a serious and massive offence that there can be no recourse for it

• In the world, any patient suffering from a disease can be treated, but there is no treatment from a slanderer

• Spreading information about someone's good or bad qualities without investigating for one's self is idiocy.

• That person that slanders the Guru's beloveds has his face blackened in this world and the next

• If you see a person with a fault, rather than slandering him before others, it is much better to educate him.

• To slander others to hide one's own faults is a very lowly and disgusting sin.

• To see and dwell on someone's faults is very easy, but to see faults and understand them is very diffcult.

• Almost everyone at some time does ninda, but to slander someone innocent or to do so with evil intent is a
• maha-paap.

• There are four types of ninda which are not sinful: that of a fake, that of someone opposed to the Guru, that of the ruler and one's own ninda.

• Someone who unjustly slanders and opposes others will never see happiness or peace.

• Just like a dog's tail can never be straightened, a nindak too will never leave his habit.

• If you give milk to a snake, it still strikes and spews venom. In the same way, if you do good to a nindak, he will still do bad to you.

• It is not wrong to join the ninda of those who are opposed to the Panth

• There is no person in existence who has not been slandered or wronged in some way.

• Only a true Soorbeer (warrior) can hear his own slander and remain uneffected

• To forget someone's good qualities and to look only at the bad is to be even worse than the ant who sorts through the dirt to find the sand.

• The mighty and wealthy may be able to crush the poor and meek, but they cannot crush Vahiguru's justice.

• The Jealous and hateful receive this punishment that their minds are never at peace.

• To cure the diseases of both the mind and body, the greatest medicine is to remain free of hatred and always remember Vahiguru

• Do not reply to the evil with evil. If you throw a rock at filth, it will only end up splattering on you.

• If the individual remains calm and peaceful after hearing hateful words, then the effect will reverse on to the
hateful individuals who spoke them.

• Having hatred towards others is the root of all bodily ills.

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