Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Fake Gurus Rested After Drinking the Blood of the Sikh

By Giani Gurdit Singh in Singh Sabha Patrika, May 1978

The indifferent attitude of the Sikh Kaum, the daily increase in fake Gurus and the careless attitude adopted towards these frauds has finally produced a very bitter fruit which the Sikh Kaum has now been forced to taste like hot iron. On the day of the creation of the Khalsa, Vaisakhi, the fake Nirankaris made a daring decision to challenge the Sikh people in Amritsar and did so in a very grand fashion. In Amritsar, where before only the Sikhs and Hindus took out separate processions, saw the fake Nirankaris on Vaisakhi day, take out a procession with hundreds of thousands of followers. They dared the Sikh community by gathering all their followers using full-page advertisements in anti-Sikh newspapers. All the walls in Punjab were plastered with their advertisements.

The Nirankari Mahant sat his wife beside him and on the main street of Amritsar took out a procession fit for an emperor. To hurt the sentiments of the Sikhs they shouted insulting slogans, one of which is reported to have been, “On this day Guru Gobind Singh chose the Punj Pyaaray. I will pick the Sat Sitaaray (seven stars).”

It should be remembered that to annoy the Sikhs, these people had earlier called themselves equal to Guru Nanak and had appointed a woman cult-member as “Bibi Nanaki” and some men were appointed to the positions of “Bhai Mardana”, “Bhai Bala”, “Bhai Gurdas” and “Baba Buddha” along with other historical Sikh personalities. Just like a neighbour names his dog after his enemy, the Nirankaris have used the same method.

It is a rumour in Amritsar that Sant Jarnail Singh Mehta (Bhindranvalay) and his Jatha had arrived in the city to stop the false propaganda of the Nirankaris, as they had done in some earlier much talked about instances. On Vaisakhi day, after arriving at Manji Sahib Divan Hall, Sant jee expressed his grievance to Jathedar Jeevan Singh Umranangal (Punjab Minister), who was present to give a speech. Jathedar jee, as it has been told to us, told Sant jee, “Whatever was going to happen has happened. Their final congregation is going on and their procession has ended. The government cannot act at this point.”

Umranangal also said that the Chief Minister could stop the Nirankari congregation only. After this, the Minister and Sant jee had a hot exchange of words and Sant jee left by saying “whatever is going to happen now, we’ll do ourselves”.

Sant jee arrived in Guru Ram Das Saraa(n) and it was decided that they would go to the Nirankari Divan and tell them that they should not hurt Sikh sentiments any further. Sant Jarnail Singh is also reported to have announced, “We are leaving. Whatever is going to happen can happen.” This news was received in Manji Sahib Divan Hall and also Ajit Nagar where a Smagam in honour of Bhai Randhir Singh’s 100 year birth anniversary was being held. Bhai Hazara Singh DSP (Rt.) announced that a message from Sant Jarnail Singh had come and those Singhs who wanted to come could come, but women and the elderly should stay behind. No disturbance should be caused.

Singhs Receiving Word

The Akhand Kirtani Jatha’s Singhs were enjoying the bliss of keertan when a person sent by Baba Jarnail Singh Mehta came and delivered the message that Sant jee, after doing an ardaas, had decided to go towards the Nirankari gathering to tell their leaders not to hurt the sentiments of the Sikhs.

This information came through Bhai Joginder Singh jee that Baba Jarnail Singh Mehta had sent a message that his Jatha would go towards the Nirankari gathering to tell the “Nirankari Baba” not to insult the Sikh Gurus. “Whatever Singhs want to go may also come but everyone should stay peaceful.” In our opinion, this decision was reached in haste without taking into account what preparations the other side had made.

After this announcement, about 100 Singhs rose from the congregation and after bowing to Guru Granth Sahib, made their departure................

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