Sunday, 29 January 2012

Amritvela and Baba Thakur Singh

Some of the students at Taksal sometimes got lazy and would miss Amritwela. Sant Gyani Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa knew about this and he would lovingly tell the Singhs about the importance of Amritwela and he would beg them never to miss it.

If the Singhs Baba Ji had spoken to missed Amritwela again, Baba Ji would go to their rooms. Once Baba Ji was there he would start massaging their legs and feet.

When the Singhs who were asleep felt the touch of a Puran Brahmgyani’s hands they felt a bolt of lightning of naam energy pass through them and they immediately jumped out of bed. They saw Baba Ji standing with his hands clasped together begging them to get up and do their nitnem and naam abiyhaas. 

Baba Ji would literally stand there and ask the Singhs, "what else could an ‘old man’ do to get you Singhs up for Amritwela?"

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