Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale's meetings with Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

Bibi Inderjit Kaur, sister of Baba Jarnail Singh Ji was married to Sardar Amarjit Singh Ji of Kokri Nagar. When Amrit Sanchar was held in Kokri with my inspiration, Sardar Amarjit Singh along with his family and many others took Amrit. At that time Sant Jarnail Singh Ji stayed at his own place. It was through his brother-in-law that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji got to know me. With my guidance, Amarjit Singh abstained from a non-vegetarian diet, and became Amritdhari. He would visit me often and we would have discourse on knowledge. His grandmother Nand Kaur who belonged to Heran village, had taken Amrit from Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji of Kikri village. He also blessed her ad told her that in her family a Gurmukh would be born who would guide many people to take Amrit.
In 1978 when the Nirankari crisis occurred, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji was preaching around India in his own bus with his followers. He would wear a sky blue ‘chola’ and a black rounded turban.
I was at Sultanpur at that time and stayed in some simple dwellings made in a field of master Gurbachan Singh Ji. While here I would practise 113 rosaries of Mool Mantar, recite the five banis, Asa-di-war, Sukhmani Sahib, and recite God’s name with each breath. I would at all times keep essence sticks and an oil lamp burning when reciting naam. At both times morning and evening, katha would be performed at ‘Guru ka Bagh’. Later on the request of Shiromani Prabhandak Committee’s member Sardar Hajara Singh Ji Badala, Sardar Puran Singh Ji the manager, Puran Singh Ji, and Sardar Piyara Singh, the katha was also commenced as ‘Ber Sahib’. The dwelling where I now keep residence, stands Dehra Herkhowal, Sultanpur. It was made with the instruction of Sant Baba Roshan Singh Ji. With the efforts and seva of Ishar Singh of Meani who was a high official for grain markers in Sultanpur, the dwelling was built by labourers.
The bus of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji happened to be passing through Sultanpur. At that time, a program was arranged by the Sangat and the committee in remembrance of thirteen Singhs who were martyred, and with my guidance Akhand Path and langar were being held at Ber Sahib.

I was informed that Sant was passing through the town and I decided to meet him. Saddled on a motor cycle driven by Sardar Jaimal Singh Ji we chased Mahapursh and stopped his bus. He embraced me as we saw each other after a long time. I requested him to visit Ber Sahib and take langar, but he said he had other plans. Jokingly however, he said to the other, “Since I have heard this Baba is very strict, I will have to listen to him.”
So he visited Ber Sahib briefly and we discussed its greatness, and related the history of Sultanpur to the Sangat. A Saropa was offered to him from the Saadh Sangat and he was praised. He then pointed out to me that I had never invited him and his group to the samagams I held within the area. I told him that whenever he wished to visit he would be welcomed.
The next time we met was at Taran Taran where we arranged to hold an Amrit Sanchar at Sultanpur. Upon that event, Mahapursh would visit Sultanpur each year along with his group. He would stay at Hatt Sahib and we would do katha, kirtan and Amrit Sanchar there, at Ber Sahib or Gurudwara Guru ka Bagh. The Sangat would gather in their thousands. Before him Sant Kartar Singh Ji and Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji used to do katha there. They would say that Sangat would not get together to hear Katha, but not with the Guru’s grace Sangat was visiting in great numbers. I told Sant Jarnail Singh Ji that the land around this area had been barren for a long time and was not cultivated. I explained that this made the people there less welcoming. With the introduction of a tube well, crops were harvested and thus people started settling in more comfort and that is why there was more Sangat visiting those events. Sant Ji however stated that it was actually because of me that people of the area had started showing an interest in Satsang, as he said I had spread gian in that area. He said the earth there was deficient and the people did not believe in God but by lighting gian I had invoked Sikhi within them."

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