Sunday, 20 February 2011

Baba Avtar Singh & Wild Leaf Sabji

Bhai Avtar Singh jee's Sabjee of Wild Leaves

Bhai Sher Singh jee who currently is residing in Vancouver and keeps full Khalsa rehit including Sarbloh Bibek, spent many years in the company of Shaheed Bhai Avtar Singh jee. He narrated to us his experiences in Bhai Avtar Singh. Once they were travelling somewhere on foot and on their way Singhs got hungry. They had not eaten anything for some time. Bhai Avtar Singh jee and other Singhs decided to rest at a suitable place. There was no city, town or village nearby. While Singhs started doing paath, Bhai Sahib went to the woods and collected whole bunch of leaves and shrubs of different varieties. He took some water from a nearby pond and started cooking the leaves and shrubs in water. Along with cooking Bhai Avtar Singh jee continued doing Paath and Simran.

Bhai Sher Singh told us that at first they were apprehensive of eating this mixture of wild leaves and shrubs but when they did eat it, he and other Singhs found it so tasty that they could not have enough of it. There was no salt, no tadka, no masala in this unique sabjee but because of Gurbani Paath and Kamaayee (a lot of simran) of Bhai Avtar Singh jee, it tasted so well. 

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