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Guru Har Rai Jee’s Advice and Teachings

Sree Guru Har Rai Sahib Jee’s Advice and Teachings in 'Sree SatGuru Jee De Muheyn Dian Sakhian'
Taken from Bibi Roop Kaur’s Pothi
Translated by admin

..............Sakhi II Orders are of two kinds II One Order is Mukhta, One is Amukhta Order II

If one is in pain and remembers God he is Mukhta II If someone has all Sukh but does not remember God then he is Amukhta II |

True Righteous/duty is Mukhta II Guru said pride is the ugly face II Peace is the beautiful face II 2 II..............

Sakhi II Lord has given Order to focus/simran on Nanak-Lord II A baba asked how do I focus/simran on you II

Permitting, to accept/wish for the good of others is the way to focus/simran II 9 II

Sakhi II Guru said don’t have the thought/want of having another’s wealth/property II Do not gamble II

Do not join/go to another home II Do not do slander of others II Do not eat Fish Meat II

Do not drink intoxicants II It is difficult to practice Sikhee if you do any of these II 10 II.....................

Sakhi II Sikhs were sitting with Guru, Guru was merciful II Sikhs said we are a sacrifice to you II

Guru replied and said I am a sacrifice to you II Sikhs did a plea what is the wish II

This is the way to ask II Child, he who does focus/simran of God, seeing him I begin to focus II

I feel their faith inside me II I join in and focus II You however without seeing me and realising me are praying to Guru as the Lord II

For this reason I am a sacrifice to you II Who ever has realised this II 12 II

Sakhi II Serve Guru as Lord II As a good respected women would serve her husband-protector II

Even if her husband is a thief , a adulterer , a troublemaker II Even if he is a gambler II She does not reflect on his actions II

She accepts the words of her husband and serves him II If someone tries to argue/fight with her husband she feels hurt and she will try to argue with them II

Even if the other is right II But this women is only content with her husband II Why speak with these irreligious sinful people, Jeo II

You will feel pain II In every way she is content with her husband II Her name is known as faithful II

Likewise if a Sikh serves Guru as the Transcendent Lord then that Sikh reaches the highest state II This is the way of Sikhee II 13 II

Sakhi II A Sikh pleaded in front of Guru, those Sikh do not do ardas vocally II They do inner ardas II

O lord king which ardas makes you happy II Guru spoke, O child I do listen to the outwardly-vocal ardas II

but I listen to the inner ardas greatly II Guru is all knowing II Place is given to the Jee II 14 II...........

Sakhi II A Sikh could not have child II He pleaded in front of Guru, O king flower is there but no fruit II

Guru said serve Sikhs and you will receive a child II Which ever Sikh Sant came he gave them food II

He would look after them II He then came to Guru II The Sikh did a plea to Guru, O King you said if I serve Sikhs I will receive a child II

I served Sikhs as but there is no Child II However Guru said child how did you serve the Sikhs II

The Sikh said, O King which ever Sikh came and went I gave them food and looked after them II Guru said this serving is not done by the highest ones II

Sikh said, O King what ever you order so shall I serve II Guru said, which ever Sikh comes wash their feet and drink in it II

Only let go of his feet if he pulls them II Then embrace him II Only let go when he says so II

Then nourish them II Only let go when they say so II Then listen to Shabad Sakhi from them II

Tell them one too II Then comfortably put them to sleep II Wake up at amritvela and assist them in bathing II

Read listen to Jap II Then after nourishing them go along with them carelessly II Wherever he says stop, stand and plead with him II

In his mercy, what ever is requested will be received II This serving finds its place II Within Sikhs lie all the treasures II 16 II

Sakhi II One Sikh was on his way to see Guru, a Farmer asked him where are you going II That Sikh said that I am going to Guru II

The Farmer said I will go too II The Sikh said that it is the season for farming II You going now is not right II

The farmer replied, I don’t care what happens behind II But I can not stay back II Then the Sikh said leave your role to someone and I will take you II

The Farmer said I have completely left the role of farming II But take me to Guru II That Farmer came with the Sikh to Guru II

They came and prostrated II Guru spoke to the Sikh with satisfaction II and he lovingly paid his respects II

Seeing the farmer Guru outwardly had a go at him and asked him to leave II Go and sit in the Shrine II He prostrated in Guru’s presence three times II

He felt a inner realisation II So he knowingly went and sat in the shrine II Three days passed and he was still sitting there II

Then on the third day Guru said child, where is the Farmer II The Sikh replied, O king he is sitting in the Shrine II

He has been sitting there for three days, he has not eaten or drunk anything II Guru in his mercy went to see him II He saw Guru coming II

Seeing him he sat there II He did not in the slightest get up II with his hands closed together he sat II

When Guru came near him he paid his respects II Guru gave his blessing II He reached the highest state II

If a Sikh follows Guru’s words similarly then he will reap benefits II 17 II

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