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Guru Arjun Dev Jee and Bhai Bahorhe

Taken from Bhai Painde Vali Bir written in the 17th Century
Translated by admin

Below is a Sakhi of Guru Arjun Dev Jee written in the Bhai Painde Vali Bir. The Bhai Painde Vali Bir is one of the most Prachin Birs we have available and consequently the Sakhis written in a section of the Granth Sahib are one of the oldest recorded Sakhis. Below is the first Sakhi written in the Bir.

Sakhi II M: 5 in relation to Bahorhe the Goldsmith II The Goldsmith Bahorhe came to the feet of Sri Guru Arjan at Ramdaspur II

Goldsmith Bahorhe pleaded before Sri Guru Arjan II O King, where does this being go II

Sri Guru Arjan Jee said whoever is a Sikh of the Guru he will go into Sehaj II Manmukh will be into ruin create II

Then Bahorhe pleaded, O King one Sikh utters and does ill-actions II One Manmukh utters but does vast Simran II They also do Bandgi(worship) II

They also fear vastly II O king why is it this way II Then Sri Guru said all are Guru’s Sikhs, of which have been created II

Some have obeyed the command II Some have not obeyed the command II Those that have obeyed are Gurmukhs II

Those that have not obeyed are Manmukhs II Then Bahorhe pleaded, O King which is your command, Sri Guru Jee said this is the command, Don’t love another women II

Treat them like mothers II Even unattractive are to be stayed away from II Don’t talk filth II Do not Slander others II

Do not listen to it either II Don’t carry out a deed which will hurt others II Don’t hurt anyone from your self II

Realise the One in everyone II Do not worship anyone else but the Transcendent one II Focus your mind on the Sri Guru’s Words II

With Sat Guru’s Word II Nothing else is to be repeated II Arising, Sitting, Sleeping focus the mind on the face of Sat Guru inside you II

All Wealth, Beauty, Home, Clothes, Food are to be seen in the name of the Lord II If this is understood then you will become a Gurmukh II

Then Bahorhe pleaded. O King what will happen to Manmukhs II Sri Guru Arjan said Manmukh are in the net of death II

They are in pain II They are in joy and sorrow II They are in Birth and Death II What ever one does so he receives II

Bahorhe pleaded at the Sri Guru, O King the words you say of Gurmukhs I can not do II What you will I do II What will happen to us II

Then the Sri Sat Guru said from your self you should not Idly act, have the desire in you, Guru Babey has dignity II Sight is seeing II

If they have touched the feet of Guru all will be fulfilled, they will be accepted II Punishment is given and He himself will give praise II He will release them from the enemy II

They will be distinguished in the Lord’s court II Bahorhe pleaded, O King we are Goldsmiths, we do our work what will happen to us II

Sri Guru Arjan said everyone should do their work, Guru is happy in this but work in fear II Don’t do something which will bring dirt inside II Righteous work is to be done II

The giver is Guru Baba II Then Bahorhe pleaded to Sri Guru, O King Sasthra (Hindu religious text), Ganga (Bathing), Gahathri, Ekadasi(fasting), Tarpanh (throwing water) are great great signs of connecting, why is this II

The Sri Sat Guru said, whoever has his mind connected to the Lord, are all fulfilled II But in this world he keeps thee II Bhagats(Saints) excesses and deficiencies are none II

These words are to be worked with ones self by falling at the feet II Only Guru knows the way of the Guru II

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