Friday, 25 February 2011

Guru Gobind Singh & The Magician

 Translated from “Rabab to Nagara” by Pr. Satbir Singh

In the city of Kanauj in UP, there is the grave of a great Muslim magician. The caretaker of the tomb (a magician in his own right) heard about a great magician of Anandpur whose voice could make people offer to have their heads cut off. He decided to see who this person was.

The magician didn’t wear any clothes on his body. When he arrived at Anandpur Sahib, he went to a garden, picked a rose and came to Guru Gobind Singh jee’s darbar. The guard at the door saw the naked magician and told him that he could not enter like this. He would have to wear clothes and cover his head. Dashmesh jee however saw what was happening from afar and called out, “Let him come. Don’t stop him!”

The magician came forward, bowed and placed the rose at Guru jee’s feet. Dashmesh jee said, “Respected one, why do you torture your body like this? And your coming was more than enough, what need was there for the rose?”

The magician upon hearing this replied, “When we go to a great saint, it’s not right to go empty handed. It would be a matter of disgrace. A man becomes infamous for the carelessness of his hands. By hearing his words, it can be known whether he has a Gur-Pir or not. One without a Pir has no weight in his words. From his words it can be discovered whether he is a Kafir or if he belongs to someone.”

Guru Sahib smiled and said, “Magician! In our house the game is different. Here the story is not of the hand but of the heart. If there is nothing in the heart then it is a matter of disgrace. Without becoming a Sikh of the Guru the Game of Life cannot be won. Without remembrance of God, the person wanders aimlessly. If he has God’s blessed gaze, then he obtains care-freeness. By obeying His Hukam, salvation is obtained and only that person who has Bandagi (spirituality) is accepted in Dargah (Court of God).”

Hearing these words, the Magician became happy and said, “I have now by your darshan obtained what is equal to a visit to Mecca.” He also told of a dream he had the night before. He said, “I saw that you had great mountains of wealth around you.”

Guru Sahib replied, “When the Sikhs are worthy of Raj (rule) then they will obtain the treasures of all the rivers and oceans.”

When it was time for the Magician to leave, he asked what was the path of truth and the path that rose above desires. Dashmesh jee answered, “Sai Jee! Be fair to all, remain in God’s will.

ਹੁਕਮੈਅੰਦਰਿਸਭੁਕੋਬਾਹਰਿਹੁਕਮਨਕੋਇ ॥

"All is within his hukam. None are outside it.”

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