Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bhai Sahib on Coffee & Tea

By Bhai Jodh Singh in Soan ChiRee ChaRee GaiN 

One day Bhai Sahib was sitting during a stay at Kumarhatti when Rattan Singh of Shimla (now Chandigarh), whom Bhai Sahib lovingly used to call Mastaana came and said, "Bapoo jee, you've stopped us from drinking tea, but can we drink coffee? Coffee is made from seeds and there's no trace of tobacco in it."

Bhai Sahib, in a very humorous way said very sweetly, "Bhai! There's no difference! Tea is horse urine (ghoRay daa pishaab) and coffee is a donkey's urine (gadhay daa pishaab)!"

Everyone doubled over in laughter. Bhai Rattan Singh was laughing the most after hearing this

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