Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bhai Sahib on Governments & Khalsa Raaj

By G. Nahar Singh in Jeevan Chritar Bh. Sb. Randheer Singh

' ਕੋਊਹਰਿਸਮਾਨਿਨਹੀਰਾਜਾ '

Bhai Sahib considered Guru Akaal Purakh's government to be the only true one and always went about fearlessly. During his court case [after being arrested for his involvement in the Gadar Rebellion] he did not show any fear at all. He kept his faith in Guru Kartar always intact and when needed, he also showed this.

One day, the police officials brought Bhai Sahib and the other accused (all Singhs, who numbered about 70) to the court early. The courtroom was also in a block of the Lahore Jail. At that time, not even the lawyers had arrived. Bhai Sahib, at that time, lovingly sang the shabad

"ਕੋਊਹਰਿਸਮਾਨਿਨਹੀਰਾਜਾ ॥

ਏਭੂਪਤਿਸਭਦਿਵਸਚਾਰਿਕੇਝੂਠੇਕਰਤਦਿਵਾਜਾ ॥੧॥“

There was no vaja joRee there, so Bhai Sahib used his hand to make music. All the Singhs in their united voice sang such keertan that the entire court house began to echo. This was just one example of his fearlessness and faith in Vahiguru

Khalsa Raj

At bhogs, Bhai Sahib used to sing the dohiraa "Agiyaa bhaiee akaal kee" and "raj karaygaa Khalsa" ਰਾਜ ਕਰੇਗਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ। ਆਕੀ ਕਹੇ ਨਾ ਕੋਇ।। very loudly and used to say that Khalsa Raj was coming. In October 1958, in house 78 Model Town Ludhiana, we were talking to him and the issue of his health came up and someone said, "You say that Khalsa Raj is coming, but your body is deterioriating. How will you see Khalsa Raj?"

Bhai Sahib replied, "Even after I leave here, it's not as if I won't see Khalsa Raj. I'll still see it!"

Bhai Sahib on Sikhs in Hindustan

Bhai Sahib was very upset at the Sikh leadership during the time of Partition. He believed that by taking the side of the Congress, the Sikhs had forgotten their supremacy and not showed faith in the protection of Guru Sahib. He had encouraged the Panth and specifically Maharaj of Patiala to join him in a march to Punja Sahib to celebrate Vaisakhi there and also punish those who had committed atrocities upon the Sikhs. He had asked for 500 Singhs for this task, but no Panthic Leader supported him. Here is part of his address to the Panth at that time:

"If there was truly dharmic spirited pain in their [Sikh leaders' hearts, then they would have abandoned all other work and punished those dushts who were wreaking havoc. Using their Khalsa-Power and glory, they would have destroyed them. Nothing was more important than this. But with regret, forever now regrettably, even after seeing and hearing of all the atrocities in Pothohaar (now Pakistan), their blood did not boil and instead they just stalled and delayed action. True Khalsa spirit has disappeared from them. The reason, and only reason for losing this spirit was that they lost faith in the support of Guru Akaal Purakh and began to look at the support of others (non-Sikhs) and violated Guru Sahib's mukhvaak: Jab lag Khalsa rahai niaaraa. Tab lag taej deeo mai(n) saaraa. Jab eh gaheh(n) bipran kee reet. Mai(n) naa(n) karo(n) in kee parteet.

Now by joining up with these Brahmins, they are crying out that by going shoulder to shoulder with the Congress government, Hindustani independence can be maintained, and not otherwise. It is clear now that the true and powerful faith of faithful Guru's Singhs is no longer in them. They don't feel any shame in saying If Hindustan does not survive, how will the Panth survive? Don't they know that Dashmesh jee's created Panth freed all of Hindustan from six centuries of oppressive Muslim rule and saved the enslaved Hindus? Now why are they shaking like cowards that if Hindustan doesn't survive how will the Panth?

It is because this cowardice has enshrined itself in their very being and true Khalsa spirit is no longer in them. The faith of true and brave Gurmukh Soorbeer Singhs has not remained. The belief that the Panth rests on the State will drown them and has already sent them into falling spirits. It is taking them to hell and disgracing them.

May the Guru be graceful and may they wake up and realize true Singh warrior spirit. In this way, and in only this way, will they be forgiven from the house of the Guru. Otherwise, they should remember that in the end, after being defeated they will leave the fold of the Congress just like their earlier leaders had to leave in shame. Before, they too were hardcore Congress members and Gandhi-Bhagats, who today are opposed to them as being anti-Panthic [reference to former Sikh Congress members who left]

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