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Baba Isher Singh Jee's Sewa For Baba Nand Singh

gur peeraa(n) kee chaakaree mehaa(n) kararree sukh saar
To work for the Guru, or a spiritual teacher, is terribly difficult, but it brings the most excellent peace.

Starting Sewa

When Baba Isher Singh Jee became Baba Nand Singh jee's hazuria, he gave up all of lifes 'sukh' for Baba jee. As the above tuk mentions , doing that sewa is extremly hard, but brings the best sukh. When baba isher singh jee first came into baba jis charan, the hajurias (personal attendants of Baba Nand Singh Jee.) Were some other older singhs. They saw how baba Isher Singh ji had alot of piaar for Baba Nanad Singh and would do anthing for them.So whenever baba nand singh jee used to go out somewhere , they used to call Baba isher singh to do all their work for them while they sat around resting and sleeping. Baba Isher singh used to wash all of Baba jee's clothes, clean all the dishes,sweep everywhere etc. Before Baba Nand Singh came they used to take Baba Isher Singh out and pretend to do the work themselves. Baba Isher Singh jee knew that the old hazurie were up to something, but he thought that if i told Baba Nand Singh jee, it would be doing 'shikaaet' ( complaint.) In guru ghar it isn't good to blame and complain about others.

One time baba nand singh jee went for a walk, and Baba Isher Singh was told to do all the work. When they saw baba Nand Singh jee walking back they shouted to BAba Isher Singh jee, ' run before baba jee comes back!' Baba Isher Singh jee were just about to walk out when Baba Nand Singh jee arrived and said ' where are you going?' Baba jee said im going out from here, Baba Nand Singh jee said' no you will stay.' Baba nand singh came inside and layed down on their aasan, and the old hazurieh started doing sewa off massaging Baba ji's legs etc. He said to baba isher singh jee ' when i go out , you come in, and when i come in , you go out..don't worry about doing complaints, its better just to tell the truth.' Baba isher singh jee said your sevadaars call me in to do all the sewa and when they tell me to go out, i go.' Baba jee said, these people are very bad, they don't deserve this sewa. From today only you will do this sewa of being my hazuria.' Baba jee started this sewa with alot of prem and bhaavna, and when they were free of this sewa they used to remain in bhagti.

Protecting Baba Nand Singh Jee In Dehradoon

One time when Baba Nand Singh Jee Were at dehradoon, they were sitting out side doing tap. they were sitting in smadhi , in Guru Nanak Dev jee's charan. all of a sudden there was thunder and it started pouring with hailstones. Baba jee were standing near Baba Nand Singh in their sewa. When the hailstones started , Baba Isher Singh jee stood on rock near Baba Nand Singh jee and bent over so they were covering baba jee, as all the hailstones were hitting Baba Isher Singh Jee's back. when Baba Nand Singh jee came out of their smadhi, they saw Baba Isher Singh jee protecting them from the heavy hailstone fall. Baba jee said, whey are standing like this? Baba Isher Singh replied ' the hail stones were falling heavily and you were in smadhi, to protect you from the heavy hailstone fall, i had to stand over you.' baba nand singh jee got very happy by hearing then and blessed baba isher singh jee saying ' that is exactly how a sewadar should be.'

At the Nonee Mountains

One time Baba Nand Singh jee went to the nonee Mountain near shimla. Baba Isher Singh jee went down the mountain to collect some water for baba jee. When baba jee started to come up it started to become dark. Being on a mountain while it was very dark, baba jee forgot the path way to go back up. But when coming down baba jee had made signs to which way to go up ( for example tied pieces of cloth to trees etc.) Slowly they reached to where baba nand singh jee had their aasan. At around quater past 12 they helped Baba Nand Singh jee with their ishnan, and now needed to make tea for them . It started raining heavily , baba ji had no utensils to make the tea in, no fuel, and no sheltered place to make it. They got their garrvaa(small pitcher) and put water in it for the tea. they got Baba jis umbrella and with their hands dug a small hole in the mud. they started a fire in the hole. The small fuel they had was running out so baba jee took their dastaar off and tearing it used it as fuel for the fire. The whole dastaar has finished, but the tea hadn't boiled properly yet. Baba jee then took off his chola and used that as fuel. Finally the tea was made and they took it to baba jee. Baba jee asked how they made the tea in such bad weather and they told them how they used all their clothes to fuel the fire. Baba jee were very happy with them and put their hand on their back.

Pinjour baagh

When Baba Jee Were coming back from shimla they stayed for sometime at 'pinjour baagh' where the Maharaja of Patiala had one of his palaces. It was a three storey building. Baba jee were going up to the third story, when they got to the 2nd storey Baba jee did hukam to baba isher singh jee to wait on the second floor for a while. Baba isher singh jee replied 'satbachan' and stood against the wall. NO parshada, no water, no sleep, for THREE days Baba Isher Singh jee stood in this way against the wall.

On the third day Baba Nand Singh Jee Asked the other sewadars ' where is ishar sia?' the sewadaars said Isher singh is still standing in the stairs. They said we thought you told him to stay there. Baba nand singh jee said , o fools! i only them to stay there for a little while before i came back down, but he is my true sewadaar who has followed my bachan without any question! Baba jee themselves went to the 2nd floor and saw that baba isher singh jee were standing at the same spot they had left them. Baba jee went up to them and embraced them, and told them to do ishnan paani and eat something etc. All the other sewadaars were amazed how baba isher singh jee followed baba nand singh jee's bachan in such a way, without any question.

The sakhee of baba jee's cholaa

One time before divaan at jagraaon, Baba nand Singh Jee did bachan to baba isher singh jee to bring a new unworn cholaa to wear into diwaan. Baba isher singh jee went inside and brought a new unworn cholaa for baba jee. Baba jee put it on but noticed it had no buttons. Baba jee took it off and said there is no button on this, go inside and look for another chola.. Baba isher singh jee came back after a few minutes with the same cholaa in his hands. Baba Nand Singh jee said, this had no buttons, quickly go inside and look. Baba Isher Singh Jee went inside but came back with the same cholaa again.

Baba Nand Singh Jee got angry and said to Baba Isher Singh jee, why do you keep doing this? You keep bringing the same cholaa over and over again without any buttons. Some other older sangis were also there, in which Sant Baba Meeha Singh Jee Siaar wale were also present. The older sangis said to Baba Isher Singh, what are you doing, on one side you say that Baba Nand Singh jee Is God, on the other hand your not even listening to their bachan.

Baba isher singh Said in relpy, Stop talking like this, I am definately follwing Baba jee's Bachan. The tailor forgot to put buttons on the chola, and i have no needle , thread or button, how and where will i put the button on? It is also Baba jee's bachan that under no circumstances can we ask things from any one outside. Now tell me what can i do? When baba jee does bachan, go inside and look, i then do go inside and look for it but i have to bring the same one back again. When baba jee gives hukam to get buttons for the cholaa then i will be able to go to the tailor and get that done.

Baba Nand Singh Jee got very happy with baba isher singh and took the chola off him and put it on. Baba jee did bachan , this boy is steadfast in following Hukam. He had passed all tests and has undertook and understood my maryada.'

Doing Sewa

So in this way Baba Isher Singh Jee left all worldly pleasures and did Baba Nand Singh Jee's Sewa. For three four hours they used to put almond oil in Baba Nand Singh Jee's sees, for two three hours do massage of Baba Jee's Body, Wash Baba Nand Singh Jee's clothes, Do their Ishnaan, Make their parshada and give it to them. In 24 hours Baba jee Didn't used to talk. Without any stop or break they used to be in Baba Nand Singh Jee's sewa. At that time Baba Isher Singh Jee had his Nitnem and Sukhmani sahib 'ghant' or memorised and used to do paat of many other bania at amritvela. During the day baba jee used to read sri sukhmani sahib without any stop. Without reason they didn't talk , and just read bani while doing sewa. Due to a very busy schedule Babaji was always barefooted, he had little time for himself. His heels used to get cracks and often small stones got stuck up in them.
This was the avastha of Baba Isher singh jee, with their mind doing simran and while their body doing sewa, just as Guru Sahib Says,

man bach kram prabh eaek dhhiaaeae

One who meditates on the One God in thought, word and deed

sarab falaa soee jan paaeae 6

- that humble being receives the fruits of all rewards. 6

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