Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Guru Har Rai jee ordered all Sikhs not to keep contact with his son Baba Ram Rai jee. When Guru Gobind Singh jee went to Paunta Sahib, he went out one day to see Baba Ram Rai, at his request. There were singhs along with Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib sat in a boat to see Baba Ram Rai, midway in the river. From the other side Baba Ram Rai came as well.

Baba Ram Rai asked Guru Sahib for forgiveness and added that he was a virtual prisoner of his masands. He further told Guru Sahib that they were going to kill him anytime.

During this time a very interesting incident took place. The singhs who had accompanied Guru Gobind Singh jee, turned their back when they saw Baba Ram Rai’s boat approaching. They did so in spite of doing back to Guru Gobind Singh jee. The singhs knew that Guru Har Rai jee had done bachan ke “Ram Rai de mathe nahi lagna” i.e. to not even go face to face with him. Only when Guru Gobind Singh jee took Guru Har Rai jee’s bachan back, the Singhs turned their faces towards the direction Baba Ram Rai was coming from. So much the Singhs obeyed the hukam of Guru Sahib.

The hukam not to mingle with followers of Baba Ram Rai, still holds today.

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