Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Worldy Tastes & Sublime Essence of the Lord

gauVI ]
gourree ||

ry mn qyro koie nhI iKMic lyie ijin Bwru ]
rae man thaero koe nehee khi(n)ch laee jin bhaar ||
O my mind, even if you carry someone's burden, they don't belong to you.

ibrK bsyro pMiK ko qYso iehu sMswru ]1]
birakh basaero pa(n)kh ko thaiso eihu sa(n)saar ||1||
This world is like the perch of the bird on the tree. ||1||

rwm rsu pIAw ry ]
raam ras peeaa rae ||
I drink in the sublime essence of the Lord.

ijh rs ibsir gey rs Aaur ]1] rhwau ]
jih ras bisar geae ras aour ||1|| rehaao ||
With the taste of this essence, I have forgotten all other tastes. ||1||Pause||

Aaur muey ikAw roeIAY jau Awpw iQru n rhwie ]
aour mueae kiaa roeeai jo aapaa thhir n rehaae ||
Why should we weep at the death of others, when we ourselves are not permanent?

jo aupjY so ibnis hY duKu kir rovY blwie ]2]
jo oupajai so binas hai dhukh kar rovai balaae ||2||
Whoever is born shall pass away; why should we cry out in grief? ||2||

jh kI aupjI qh rcI pIvq mrdn lwg ]
jeh kee oupajee theh rachee peevath maradhan laag ||
We are re-absorbed into the One from whom we came; drink in the Lord's essence, and remain attached to Him.

kih kbIr iciq cyiqAw rwm ismir bYrwg ]3]2]13]64]
kehi kabeer chith chaethiaa raam simar bairaag ||3||2||13||64||
Says Kabeer, my consciousness is filled with thoughts of remembrance of the Lord; I have become detached from the world. ||3||2||13||64||

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