Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bachans Of Baba Nand singh

Here are a few bachans that baba nand singh jee used to do in updesh form to the sangat , sangis etc.

- 6 maleh of mool mantar everyday is the duty of every gursikh to do. By doing these for a month you get the 'phal' of one paat of sri guru rganth sahib. whatever satsangi does this 6 maleh a day, i promise you! he will never go to any narak.

-by doing jaap of mul mantar gurmantar all problems get solved.

- Mul mantar is the 'milk', do kamai of mool mantar, recognise guru nanak sahib 'haazar naazar' and from this milk you can make whatever you want ( i.e. from milk many different types of things can be made, in the same way anything can be acheived by doing mul mantar.)

- Some call guru sahib paper, pages..may my tongue burn if i ever say anything like that! Every single letter of gurbani is dhan guru nanak..dhanna's stone ate , so why doesnt you guru granth sahib eat? he eats,talks,walks it is just that you dont have the bhaavna and sharda to realise that! Before doing any kaaraj do ardaas to guru sahib, when doing matha tekh at charan only ask for naam di daat!

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