Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Bhai Hindaal was a very devoted Sikh who used to do sewa in the langar. He used to do sewa and simran, both at the same time. He had great love for Guru. One day he was doing the sewa of aata-gunn (kneeding flour), when Guru Ramdaas jee walked into the langar preparation area. Bhai Hindaal jee upon realizing Guru jee’s arrival, held his hands that were covered with wet flour, behind his back and did matha tek of only his head. He had his head on the Charan Kamal of Guru Sahib but his wet hands were joined behind his back.

Guru Sahib got very pleased at his love and new style of matha tek. Guru Sahib placed his hand on his head and Bhai Hindaal jee became a Brahmgiyaani in that instant. Guru Sahib blessed him with the responsibility of doing Parchaar of Sikhi.

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