Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Once Guru Angad Dev jee and Baba Amardaas jee were walking. Baba Amardaas jee noticed that he was walking along with Guru Angad Dev jee as opposed to walking a little bit behind. As this thought came to his mind, he slowed a little bit, so that he is a little bit behind Guru Sahib but at the same time he did not want anyone to notice that he was walking very behind Guru Sahib. They kept walking like this for some time and then Baba Amardaas jee noticed that as he walked, one of his swinging arm would get ahead of Guru Sahib. He slowly tried to slow the swing of his arm and finally held one of his arm with his other arm. At this point Guru Angad Dev jee who knew everything that was going on in Baba Amardaas jee’s mind, just looked at him and lovingly smiled. No one said anything and they kept walking.

What an amazing example of living in the fear of Guru and showing respect to Guru Sahib. Only in such soft heart that is drenched with the divine water of love of Guru would Vaheguru appear in Jyot form.

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