Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bhai Fauja Singh Shaheed, Sant Kartar Singh Jee, And Sant Harnam Singh Ram pur Khera

(This is an excerpt from interview with Bibi Amarjit Kaur ji,Wife of Shaheed Bhai Fauja SIngh ji.)

There was a very loving relationship. Sant Giani Kartar Singh jee used to have a lot of love and respect for him. He would spread his hazooriya on the ground for him (Bhai Sahib) to sit on.It was in those days that some mischievous people disrespected Sree Guru Granth Sahib jee in Gurdwara Guru Kay Mehal and he (Bhai Sahib) had arrived there along with his companions. The incensed mob threw rocks
and bottles of acid at the Singhs. Their clothes burnt off but their bodies were alright. After this incident, we along with the Bhindravala Jatha took out a march through Amritsar and at this time Sant jee gave his full support.It was also at this time that we would go to Mehta Chownk to do Akhand Keertan. Sant Giani Kartar
Singh was very opposed to human Gurudoms and because of this, he (Bhai Sahib) had a lot of love for him. To stop the Narakhdari attacks, we started a common front.And in addition, he also had a lot of love for Sant Baba Harnam Singh Rampur Khaeray vaalay. One time Sant jee came from Khaera Sahib to Sree Amritsar and his avasthaa
was very vairagi. I met him in Guru Ram Das Saraa(n) and I asked him to
come to our home. Sant jee had not eaten for four days.He (Bhai Sahib) said to Baba jee, "Baba jee, please give my message to Guru Gobind Singh jee" Baba jee replied, "Alright son, I'll give it." What that message was, I didn't know nor did he ask.The next day Sant jee said, "Son, I gave your message to Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib has said, "So Sikh sakhaa bandhap hai bhai jo gur kay bhaanay vich aavai." "At that time I didn't understand what Guru Sahib's bhaanaa was. When he became shaheed though, I understood everything about what bhaanaa Sant jee was talking about.

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